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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Praying Psalm 21

Edward F. Lundwall Jr.

Psalm 21 

A Psalm of Worship And Thanksgiving As Typical Of Godly Authorities 

Theme Verse: “The king shall joy in thy strength, O LORD; 
and in thy salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!" (Ps. 21:1)

O LORD, I do praise you! I rejoice with King David. Your workings for him, through him and in him are worthy of praise. He had a basic heart of trust in you, and refused to resort to his own means. You twice gave King Saul, David’s great enemy, into David’s hands. While David could have killed him, yet he did not, but humbled himself under your mighty hand by showing godly mercy and respect for the person in the position of your authority. Rather, David deliberately put his future into your hands by refusing to use his own means.

I greatly desire many I know to see respect for those you anoint. I will yet humble myself under your mighty hand, as I do now. By faith, I claim your mercy (verse 7) and your strength (verses 1, 13) in the place of your calling. I ask not so much for length of days, but that in my weakness you might show your great strength and in my frustration, you might bring fruit satisfying to you! I must discipline myself so Jesus might live both more fully in me through my abiding in Him! In this way, You will be glorified in, with, and through me.

Father, I desire this, not just personally, but if and when you place me in positions of authority over your sheep. May I be one of your instruments to lead them into the kind of relationships with you described in 1 Timothy 3:15 (“a pillar and buttress of truth” among your people) and Ephesians 4:11,16 (disciples, evangelist, shepherds, teacher equipping the body of Christ so that it “builds itself up in love”) with you.

For Jesus sake and through Him, all for your eternal glory! 

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