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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Response to Islam

Alice C. Linsley

Jesus is recognized as a great prophet in Islam. He is designated as the one who will lead the angelic armies of God in the last great battle against evil. Radical Muslims, such as Mohammad Atta and his 911 comrades, have portrayed this evil as Western decadence. They appear blind to the moral decadence in their own societies and such men perpetuate evil in the name of religion.

Yet Jesus is more than a prophet. He fulfills all divine prophesy. He was and is the Seed of the Creator, eternally begotten by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and born fully human yet fully God of the Virgin Mary. Jesus' nativity is beautifully described in the Qur'an.

Islam is a religion that requires observance of specific laws and leadership. The words Islam and Muslim mean "submission." Jesus lived before Mohammad and therefore could not have been a follower of Mohammad. Islam began with Mohammed's establishment of the Ummah. Jesus Christ had already established the Church 600 years earlier.

The worship of the Creator God existed among the Afro-Arabians before Mohammad. The great meteorites that fell onto Arabian soil, one of which is shrouded at Mecca, were believed to be gift from the Creator. The people venerated these signs from heaven and even began to worship idols. Mohammad told them not to do this.

Mohammad also endorsed the Five Books Moses (the Pentateuch) as sacred Scripture. The Scriptures say that Yaqtan (Joktan) was Abraham's son by Keturah (Genesis 25). His name is a variation of the name Jonathan, meaning "God gives." Joktan lived about 1987-1912 B.C. That he was a ruler is evident by the solar symbol Y at the beginning of this name. This symbol designates chiefs and rulers.

The Joktanite Tribes of Arabia are Abraham's descendants and the Holy Name they knew was YHWH, meaning "I am that I am."  The people of Yaqtan knew this name before they knew the name Allah.

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