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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Principles of Ministry

Edward F. Lundwall Jr.

Growth of a Faithful Series - Book Seven 

Principles of Ministry 

The principles of ministry when built into the disciple on this level enables him to serve either as a Timothy in a Growth Fellowship, or under supervision as a Disciple Fellowship Pastor. The principles developed at this level are designed to qualify this disciple to do ministry in the local Church. His will become equipped to bear fruit, and responsibly encourage the spiritual growth of others, as well as in participation in leadership roles.

Developing a disciple on this level involves much greater observation, discussion of principles, overseeing the personal work he does with those he coaches, and supervising assigned practical projects. He will become more and more like Paul was with Timothy. According to 2 Timothy 2:2, the ministry disciple must work so closely with his mentoring teacher that after a time, his teacher can assign him responsibilities usually done by the mentor. He needs to be able to be told, “Remember how I did it and do it that way!”

The first step in the ministry level requires the disciple to work as a Faithful in a Disciples Growth Fellowship. He needs to be able to use the” Investment Log and Planning Guide.” To do this, he needs to have gone through the Principles of Adjustment, first in personal application and then to become familiar enough with the” Personal Adjustment Profile Chart” to adequately analyze the issues involved in sample cases with Archy Average and Monty Modman in The Manual For Training Leaders In Disciple Fellowships In Local Churches. The second step is to observe the application in a Disciples Fellowship with an experienced Faithful. While observing, he should make up an Investment Log independently, then compare it with what the mentoring Faithful does. Disagreements need to be shared with either the Fellowship Timothy or the Fellowship Pastor.

Once the studies specified in the “Growth of a Faithful Chart” are applied in all study areas, the above process must be applied before independent ministry as a member in a Disciples Fellowship begins. Also, a doctrinal understanding and commitment to the Church Statement of Faith must be understood and accepted before the responsibility of teaching in a ministry such as Sunday School Class or Bible Study Group should be given. At the beginning of such responsibilities in ministry, Bible lessons should be given as a part of teacher training ministry and/or before a Fellowship Pastor or Fellow Timothy in his/her Disciples Fellowship Group.

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