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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Science-Faith Question

The internet is buzzing about the Ken Ham-Bill Nye debate. Here are some thoughtful articles related to the science-faith question.

"There are two fundamentally different battles raging in the current debates about evolution. The first pits nearly the entire scientific community against creationists, who believe that they are upholding the veracity of Scripture by denying that evolution happened at all. The second battle concerns not the fact of evolution but the standard neo-Darwinian explanation of it, and the issues at stake are primarily philosophical and scientific."--American physicist Stephen M. Barr 

Creation of the Universe: Examining the evidence

Biblical Illiteracy and Biblical Literalism

A Ken Ham Nightmare: Human Foot Prints Found Below Ice Age Deposits

The "Science Guy" Reveals His Ignorance

Ken Ham Does Not Speak For Me

Faith and Science: A dialogue, not a debate (Conversation with Ian Barbour)

The Ham-Nye Creation Debate: A Huge Missed Opportunity

BioLogos Conversation: Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye

#HamOnNye Post-Debate Round-Up

YEC Dogma is Not Biblical

Objections to the Fundamentalist Reading of Genesis 1-5

The Battle Over Genesis

Millions of Years a Stumbling Block

A Scientific Timeline of Genesis

Science Journalists One Cause of Americans' Ambivalence?

Bishop Ussher Goofed

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