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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Looking for the True God?

Edward F. Lundwall Jr.

How would you know Him? There are many gods and occult demons who try to deceive. These claim to be God, so beware!

There are also religious teachers who claim to be the way of Truth. They do not claim to be God, but they would receive the honor due to God alone. Buddha did not claim to be God. Buddhism is a non-theistic religion. Some say it is not a religion at all, but a philosophy. Mohammed did not claim to be God. Islam demands obedience to the Prophet Mohammed, but such obedience belongs only to God.

No philosopher has claimed to be God. Some may claim to possess absolute truth, but none has the power to create from nothing.

By definition, God must be greater than his highest creation. That is a mark of the True God.

God's nature is unchanging and eternal. It is Goodness and Light. God alone has the power to create and re-create. If you are looking for the True God, you will discover what you need to know in the Bible. Start with the Gospel according to John.

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