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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Great Commission: An Amplified Translation and the Exegetical Basis

Edward F. Lundwall, Jr.

This essay could benefit diligent students and spiritual leaders who are dedicated to applying all that the Lord Jesus commanded and instructed in the Great Commission. For did He not say: “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded ...”?

Great dependence has been put upon translations because most people cannot read and understand Koine Greek in which the New Testament was written. Unfortunately, I know of no translation that brings out the full meaning. In the case of the Great Commission: inadequacies, errors, and mistranslations are found in most translations. The reasons come from the bias of the translators, the Churches, or agencies that sponsored the translation, and the motivation of the publishers to appeal to the widest market.

We will look at the Exegetical Basis, the Amplified Translation and the Importance of the Scene, in three separate bog posts. Part One is below.

Part One: The Exegetical Basis
There are many translations of the Great Commission, yet an amplified translation that brings out all that is in the Greek original is needed. So I have made this attempt. Since the Great Commission is the major premise and focal point of our Lord’s operational plan for the Church, it is important that it be well understood. Further, because most translations generally use the word-for-word principal, the full meaning and feeling of the original Greek is not brought out. On the whole the word for word rendering is satisfactory for the largest public usage. However, there are several words and constructions in the Greek grammar usage, technology and syntax that are not brought out in any translation I have read. One of the rules that I have adopted in this translation is that amplified renderings must reflect all the seed thoughts of that word or grammar, especially when also seen elsewhere in the New Testament revelation.

With all my limited ability and objectivity, I will give an amplified translation. This will be done with the intent of bringing out all the grammatical and syntactical elements of the original Greek. Most translations modify accuracy to ensure readability to the average reader. In this amplified translation, I will sacrifice easy readability to ensure a full rendering of the Greek meanings, grammar, and syntax.

It is hoped that the reader will be moved to implement the Great Commission in his ministry, that great fruit for Christ will result and words of commendation from our Savior be forthcoming.

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