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Friday, August 29, 2014

Making Disciples: What Christian students need to know

In Vinnie Carafano's book, Intensive Discipleship Course: Being Useful To God Nowstudents are challenged to prepare their hearts to serve the Lord and allow his nature to be expressed through them. They gain specific guidance in giving godly counsel and ministering to people with common problems. Finally they learn about Bible study preparation, biblical evangelism, helping new converts to mature, and recognizing their ministry calling.

Developed from years of student ministry experience, the Intensive Discipleship Course is designed specifically for high school and college students. Each volume in the Intensive Discipleship Course is a twelve-week, life-changing exercise of commitment and learning. Students learn principles instead of just facts so that they can apply the Lord's unchanging ways to a rapidly changing world.

Number of Pages: 176
ISBN: 1576584704

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