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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When the Mortars Fell

Chaplain (Ret) E. F. Lundwall, Jr

I was the Protestant Chaplain of the 1/27th Infantry Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, in 1969 in Vietnam. Our battalion was located at Fire Support Base Mahone I, operating out of Dau Tieng. 

One time the Brigade Catholic Chaplain visited us during a time when there was intermittent enemy active. While he was visiting the troops on the other side of the fire support base, the VC hit that side of the base with an intense mortar barrage.

After things quieted down and the Catholic Chaplain had left, I visited the troops on that side. As I talked with them, my sense of humor got the best of me, and I asked: "Did the Catholic Chaplain pray Hail Mary's like a machine gun?"

The guys replied with a glint in their eyes: "No, he just prayed like the rest of us... 'Lord, help!'"

Thankfully, the Lord heard prayer. None of our men were hit.

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